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Addams Family July 12, 2017

Last Chance to Catch MCP's Addams Family
Patrick Lighthall

A haunted and spooky curtain has descended upon the Franke Center as the Marshall Civic Players perform The Addams Family this weekend. Audiences will love seeing the familiar cartoon macabre family come to life...and also death in this fun and thoughtful musical. Although the events of the evening may be off the wall, cast members can't wait to dig deep for more life-affirming revelations.
"Gomez Adams is very much the father of the family. He loves them very much and he would do anything for them,"explains theater veteran and MCP newcomer Isaac Reid, "and the show explores how being a people pleaser may not always be the best thing."
Reid isn't the only cast member finding truth within the family, as MCP veteran and recent graduate Grace Schafer explains, "Morticia wears the pants in the family, but their relationship is very co-dependent and they can't live without each other."
While each family member unravels their own amusing plot, Reid and Schafer agree that The Addams Family touches the hearts of cast and audiences alike. "You're going to see reality in a very non-believable way," says Reid. "But there's something real in those moments that everyone can relate to."
Schafer adds, "The Addams Family is so real and weird, you get a range of emotions from laughing and crying, but it comes from a true place."
Catch the frightful action July 13-16 at the Franke Center for the Arts in downtown Marshall, with Thursday through Saturday shows beginning at 8:00pm and Sunday beginning at 2:30pm. Tickets are $15 for adults, $12 for seniors and $8 for students. Call (269) 781-3335 to reserve your tickets before they run out.

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