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Footloose! MCP Youth Summer Show June 23, 2015

MCP's FOOTLOOSE! Running This Weekend
Patrick Lighthall

There's still time to catch the thrilling and toe-tapping youth production of Footloose at the Franke Center for the Arts in downtown Marshall. The Marshall Civic Players once again have an extremely talented cast bringing dance moves and powerful voices to the stage all weekend.

The show follows a small town that deals with a few rebellious kids making a big impact when they turn to dancing as a way to show their discontent with the established order.

Footloose shows are running July 16-19 with Thursday through Saturday shows starting at 8:00pm and the Sunday show starting at 2:30. Tickets are $15 for adults, $12 for seniors, and $8 for students.

Rehearsals continue as kids get Footloose
Juliana Gilger

The cast and crew of MCP's 2015 Youth Production of Footloose is rehearsing hard to bring you the best show of the summer! Full of great, energetic numbers like "Let's Hear it for the Boy," "Holding out for a Hero," and "Almost Paradise," this show is sure to get your blood pumping with nostalgia. As always, we've got an amazingly talented group of kids ready to knock your socks off and make you yell "Everybody cut Footloose!"

Our main character, Ren, is the new kid in school, and can't understand why dancing has been outlawed in the small town of Bomont. Expertly portrayed by Isaiah Potter, a recent graduate of Marshall High School, Ren is a boy that Isaiah can relate to. This is a role Potter has wanted for a long time - the misunderstood rebel who likes to change things up, break the normal standard, and asks the question, "Why let the past dictate the future?" Some of Isaiah's more memorable roles are the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz, Danny in Grease, Rooster in Annie, and Gaston in Beauty and the Beast.

Rachael Woods is an 11th grader at Marshall High School who's been involved in the theater since she was in the fifth grade. A dancer since she was three years old, Woods is volunteering as assistant choreographer as well as singing and dancing in the chorus of this show. You may also have seen Rachael in The King and I, Hairspray, and Zombie Prom.

Kailen Roop is an 11th grader at Harper Creek High School whose previous involvement with the Marshall Civic Players was as a Motor Wise girl in Zombie Prom. Kailen joins the cast as Betty Blast, the owner of the popular hangout, Burger Blast. Betty is a cranky old woman who refuses to give up her job as a roller skating waitress even though she has to use a walker while she's on her skates! Kailen loves this role for obvious reasons ... and she gets to yell at the boys!

Although this cast of kids is varied in ages and personalities, they all agree ... shows at Marshall Civic Players are the best! This group is like family, and they can't wait to put on a spectacular show for you. Come see them July 16, 17, and 19 at the Franke Center for the Arts in downtown Marshall.

Marshall Civic Players Footloose! Opens Next Weekend
Juliana Gilger

The box office is now open for the Marshall Civic Players Youth Production of Footloose! Come join the cast as Ren and his friends fight to get dance back in the town of Bomont. A few years before Ren moves with his mother to the small town, four teenagers were killed in a car crash after a school dance. One of those kids was the son of the Reverend of the local church. From that night on, dancing has been outlawed in Bomont. It's up to Ren (Isaiah Potter), the Reverends daughter Ariel (Rachel Doan), and their friends to convince the people that the past is the past and dancing isn't the root of all evil.

With a large cast like this it's hard to imagine getting everyone to pay attention and learn all that needs to be done. Thankfully, we have Tom Whitesell as the director, a decorated veteran of children's shows. Whitesell has been affiliated with MCP for many years and was recently presented with the Lifetime Achievement award at the annual MCP dinner. With his expertise and love of the theater, he is able to guide these young actors and show them the best of themselves. As producer we have Christina Woods, who has produced many shows for MCP, as well as having two active children participating in this show. Alex and Rachael Woods have performed in numerous productions and love the theater as well as working with their mom. As choreographer, we welcome back Erin Madden, our choreographer from Zombie Prom. This cast is lucky to have so many wonderful adults to teach and guide them.

Of course, the kids had some things to say as well! Cali Berry, for instance...a tenth grader at MHS, Cali has been in theater since she was eight years old. She played Little Fan in a Christmas Carol, Lady Rowena in Once upon a Mattress, and was in the chorus of the Player's production of Big. Cali loves the dances in this show and is having a blast with this cast.

Christian Perez plays Willard, one of Ren's friends. Christian is a ninth grader from Battle Creek and has been involved in theater for about three years, with roles such as Troy Bolton in High School Musical (BC junior theater), Horton in Seussical (LMS Masque), and chorus in Big (MCP). Though Christian is from Battle Creek, he really likes the kids here in Marshall, has had a wonderful experience with Tom Whitesell as well as other crew members, and he loves to dance. Footloose, he says, is going to be on of his favorite shows yet!

Logan Robertson agrees. For this Lakeview High School freshman, portraying Bickle in this show has been amazing. Logan loves to sing and has been performing since second grade, his most memorable role being Prince Dauntless in Once upon a Mattress. He has not only made friends here in Marshall, he's made valuable lasting memories.

Get your tickets now for the unforgettable Footloose! Shows are July 16 -19 at the Franke Center for the Arts in downtown Marshall, with shows starting at 8:00pm and the Sunday show starting at 2:30pm. Tickets are $15 for adults, $12 for seniors, and $8 for students. Call (269) 781-3335 or visit www.marshallcivicplayers.org for more information. These kids will make you want to dance!

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